Baby Jesus Debacle

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In my wisdom, last night I decided I was going to start teaching LPV the true meaning of Christmas. We’re not over religious but we do have a faith and I’d like to keep it going in the children If I can, we’re actually terrible Catholics and hardly ever go to church unless we’re home. Each Christmas we have the Fisher Price Nativity Crib on display however Spiderman, Lala Loopsy and Mr Potato take over and I usually find Baby Jesus in the microwave. LPV has a wee bible so I found the nativity story and I began to read………..Then came the questions

Wow Jesus is a cool name isn’t Mammy? Yes pretty cool I reply, did you think about calling me Jesus? No we wanted to call you LPV. How old is baby Jesus now? This question alone is like trying to remember your baby’s age in weeks, after the 12 week period end. He was born a very long time ago, so he’s very old now. Ok, when’s his birthday? This isn’t going well, His birthday is on Christmas day, OMG, WHAT? (hands up if you have blaspheming child) does that mean he gets birthday and Christmas presents? At this point I’m starting to confuse my self, so we decide that we’re going to start the story and ask questions at the end. We get through the story fine, I ask him to repeat words such as Bethlehem, frankincense to see if he can pronounce them. He does really well, then we start talking about it.

Where is Jesus now? He’s an Angel that looks out for us making sure we are living our lives in a good way. Like Santa? Yes kind of like Santa although Jesus watches us all the time not just when it’s getting near to Christmas. Does Jesus have a light like Santa does in Grandma’s house? (house alarm sensor) No Jesus doesn’t need one. Does Santa have a light at our house? No he’s got his birdies perched on the windows watching you. So if Jesus is watching me too, does he tell Santa if I’m being good?

I decide I’m ending bedtime at this point and that we’ll discuss it again tomorrow, I go down stairs pour a glass off wine and decide this is a job for his Godparents! At 2am I get a visitor in my bed, I don’t ask why, as I’m praying he’s not terrified Jesus is watching him!

Epic parenting fail

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I can’t stay away

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I know I know! I like a flipping yoyo back and forth to this blog. The truth of the matter is that when I don’t write on it I go insane, you see it’s the one thing in my life that I have complete and utter 100% control of and sometimes I need it when I feel like I’m being someone’s emotional punch bag, or not feeling equal in friendships, relationships etc. So although it maybe sporadic I’m going to keep it up.

The life of an expat is a tricky one sometimes, especially if you don’t have a goal as to when you will repatriate (is that a word?) back to you home country. You never feel quite complete, you own a property but someone else has decorated it and made changes. Half of your “stuff” is dotted around various other countries and to be frank it’s never in the right one when you need it. I can comment on what its like to be an expat anywhere else than Dubai or Holland but here in Dubai you spend a massive chunk of your life living back with your parents over the summer. This summer was difficult (another post) but it has been exceptionally difficult to get back into a routine since I returned to Dubai. I miss home a lot, have lost my exercising mojo and even though Miss C has started to go to nursery 3 morning per week. I still find I have no time to get anything done. I imagine us moving on a lot lately to be honest I wouldn’t have a clue where we would go. although I’m contradicting myself saying I miss home, I’m not actually ready to return to that kind of normal yet.

The thing is we’ve actually tried to leave before and the Dubai magnet pulled us right back, the children are settled here and some lovely friends. Miss C has been accepted to start FS1 next year at LPV’s school, so I feel to leave now would be selfish. The grass is never greener on the other side and we found that out the hard way moving to Holland. Maybe what we need is to just get out of the city at little UAE stay cation to recharge. There really wasn’t that much point to this post, just getting the thoughts out into the void.

So anyway we’ll be back soon

Love ya

New Projects

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“We should just go into business together”………That’s what my friend Alex and I always said to each other everything single time we met up. You know what? WE DID IT!! It’s taking blood sweat and tears to get it off the ground but we’re doing it, hence the lack of communication on here.

Together we’re running La Millou ME  we are importing beautiful handmade funky baby & child accessories and bring them to the gorgeous mummies of the middle east. The company is a well established Polish one started by gorgeous Mummy’s themselves.

I think it helps that we’re both so in love with the stuff we sell, so passionate about so much so i’m considering another baby to buy some stuff. Anyway I guess is by way of an informal shut down of this blog for the time being. I simply don’t have the time to do both. Lets face it I was never the most prompt blogger in the world LOL. I will still be blogging on our website but it will be less about my family. I will honestly try to keep blogging here and there will never be an official shut down of this page. It means too much to me. Thanks you for the support and follows hope you come over to La Millou Me to read the blog there.

We would also appreciate your support so here are a few links



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